Battery 7B4C Gel Dynavolt




Ready to GO with No Mess or Fuss!
• A Sealed Factory Activated Maintenance Free AGM Batteries supplied pre-charged for immediate installation.
• The latest Nano Gel Electrolyte technology employed to deliver outstanding Lead Acid battery performance.

The benefits of this type of electrolyte are:

• More effective coverage of the active plate materials to provide a Greater surface area that will assist with reduction of sulphation.
• Enable the battery to withstand a higher level of vibration due to the high cling properties of Nano Gel.
• Allows these batteries to have more charge cycles and have a longer shelf life compared with regular sealed AGM L.A. types.
• This format allows the battery when securely mounted to operate in any position.
• Copper terminal construction used on most the DYNAVOLT Nano Gel batteries for conductivity and lightweight.
• A tough Blue polycarbonate case to help with battery type Identification.
• Over 40 different models in various sizes and terminal configurations to cover the multitude of conventional 12 volt L.A. battery selection.

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